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Audio evidence can be in one of two categories: electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) or disembodied voices.  EVPs are sounds or voices that are captured on a recording device that were not heard at the time.  Again, there can be natural explanations for these such as static, background noise, stray radio signals, and even misinterpretation by the listener.  Captured voices that seem to answer direct questions by investigators are not as easy to dismiss.  Disembodied voices are not only captured on the recording device but are also heard at the same time by the investigator.  Below are some examples of each kind that we have caught on various investigations.

Moundsville Penitentiary - July 21, 2018
A couple of our investigators are talking about a bag that was in one of the rooms in the infirmary section of the penitentiary.  Shortly after this, a voice is captured on a recorder by another investigator.  It seems to be asking the question "What kind of bag?"

Moundsville Penitentiary clip

Ohio State Reformatory - August 15, 2016
One of the investigators was lucky enough to hear this disembodied voice in the library and capture it on the recorder.  A couple of our investigators where talking about a bird that had gotten into the room.  As they are discussing if the bird had gotten out okay you can hear the ghostly response.

Ohio State Reformatory clip

Marjim Manor Winery - November 15, 2014
This EVP was captured in the basement of the winery.  One of the investigators was signing to try and evoke a response.  Listen near the end of the clip and you can hear what appears to be a female humming.  One of our investigators thought it sounded like Three Blind Mice!

Marjim Manor Winery clip

Rolling Hills Asylum - August 1, 2014
This clip was captured in what is known as Roy's room.  The investigator was asking what kind of music Roy likes.  Listen for the musical answer.  Keep in mind that although there is a piano in the building it is located one floor down near the opposite end of the hall and is non-working.

Rolling Hills Musical Answer clip

Rolling Hills Asylum - August 1, 2014
This clip was captured in the morgue.  One of our investigators was lying on the embalming table while two others were standing next to her.  The recorder was on a counter directly behind the two investigators.  The EVP was captured on another recorder as well but sounded closest and the most clear on the one near the embalming table.  It appears to be a male voice and we think the first two words are "Does Captain".  What do you think it is saying?

Rolling Hills Morgue clip

Palmyra Museum - June 21, 2014
During the initial tour of the museum one of the investigators captured this clip.  Listen carefully to the tour guide and in the background you can make out what seems to be a little girl talking.  We are not quite sure what she might be saying, can you?

Palmyra Museum clip

Phelps General Store - June 21, 2014
As we started to investigate in the general store building one of our investigators was setting up a REM pod.  You can hear it beeping as she turns it on and is getting it placed.  Immediately after you can hear a loud EVP that no one heard at the time that we think is saying "she broke it".  There are two things of particular interest here.  Normally one of our male investigators sets up the REM pod but instead on this evening one of our female investigators did the setup.  This would be why the EVP correctly identifies the gender by using the word she.  Also, because the pod was not immediately set down, it went off for an extended period which we think might have given the impression that it was not working properly, thus "she broke it".

Phelps General Store clip

Iron Island Museum - March 8, 2014
This clip appears to be an intelligent response to the investigators comment that she is allergic to cats.  Listen closely and you can hear what seems to be a male voice state "no allergies here".  The original clip as well as an enhanced version are both included below.

Iron Island clip
Enhanced clip

Gettysburg Orphanage - November 10, 2013
It is hard to imagine by how loud this EVP was, but no one heard it at the time.  The investigators were in the basement of what was once a Civil War era orphanage.  The recorder was located by the front wall of the basement, away from the group of investigators.  There is no mistaking what was said on the EVP.

Gettysburg Orphanage clip

Rolling Hills Asylum - June 1, 2013
This clip was captued in the power room at the asylum.  Although the investigator is asking for a former employee named Raymond to speak with them, a female voice speaks to answer.  If you listen carefully it appears to be saying "nobody sent you to us."

Rolling Hills clip

Akron House Restaurant - August 25, 2012
This is a very interesting clip because of a voice being heard multiple times.  It was captured in the attic of the Akron House Restaurant and seems to possibly be that of a little girl.  Although much of what is heard cannot be made out, the faint answer to the investigator's question was heard by multiple investigators.

Akron House clip

Gettysburg Orphanage - April 28, 2012
This disembodied voice was captured in what is now called the Soldier's National Museum.  It used to be an orphanage to children of Union soldiers that died during the war.  One of the matrons, Rosa Carmichael, was convicted of child abouse and run out of town.  Although very faint you can hear the answer to the investigator's question and everyone's reaction to it.

Gettysburg Orphanage clip

USS Little Rock - September 4, 2011
Also captured the same evening as the Croaker was this EVP.  The Little Rock is a 600 ft. light crusier active during World War II and later converted to a guided missle cruiser.  This clip was captured in the section of the ship containing the Korean War Memorial.  It came on the heels of some strong K2 hits.  Listen and you can clearly hear a faint "Hello."

USS Little Rock clip

USS Croaker - September 4, 2011
This clip was also only discovered after reviewing the recordings.  The Croaker is a decommissioned submarine that is on display at the Buffalo Naval Park.  After investigating the sub for some time, we were making our way off when something tried to get our attention.  Listen closely and you can hear a raspy voice saying "Hey."

USS Croaker clip

Prospect Place Mansion - May 25, 2011
This audio clip was not heard at the time and very much surprised us when we found it.  It was captured in one of the second floor bedrooms.  You can hear what sounds like a seductive female voice saying "Oh George (inaudibile)."  This is especially interesting since the owner of the house was George W. Adams.

Prospect Place clip