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This picture was taken in the library room of the Statler hotel on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.  You can see several faint transparent "orbs" but what was really interesting was the more solid blue orb up by the ceiling.  The photo also happened to correspond with a period of heavy EMF activity in the room.  Could this be evidence of something paranormal?

Rolling Hills Orb

This video clip was captured on August 1, 2014 in a hallway at Rolling Hills Asylum.   It shows what appears to be an "orb" moving from the right side, diagonally down toward the left side of the hallway and disappearing by a doorway.  We cannot say for certain this is paranormal.  As you can see in the picture below there are other natural things that can account for orbs.  It is, for now, an interesting piece of video footage that cannot be completely explained.


This shot taken just outside of the St. Augustine Lighthouse is an example of a classice "orb" picture.  You can see several floating in the picture.  Although some people subscribe to the fact that these are proof of a spirit presence, there are too many other natural factors that can account for this.  Some of these natural explanations include dust, bugs, and water vapor.  Because of this, we do not believe that orb pictures are a good paranormal indicator.

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This picture was taken inside the French Castle at Fort Niagara in Lewistown, NY.  You are just able to see a small area of mist to the left of the bench hovering a few feet above the ground.  This is interesting because it does not have the defined "orb" shape as in the picture above.  Unfortunately, this was the only picture taken in the area so it is hard to say for certain what we could be looking at.

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This picture was taken in Gettysburg, PA on the grounds of a private home that once served as a field hospital during the Civil War.  You can see the large area of mist in the lower right quadrant.  This was one of a series of pictures taken is a row, but only this one picture showed the mist.   We were unable to debunk this as being the photographer's breath or from another outside source such as a dryer vent or storm grate.  Could this be a spirit trying to manifest?